Mission Statement

Gathering of The Tribes unites and supports dance music collectives and others in support of the dance movement by cultivating networks and promoting activism, education, sustainability, and the art and culture of the dance music underground.



The Gathering of the Tribes is an annual conference and festival uniting artists’ collectives from across North America and Europe. Founded in 1999, Gathering of the Tribes (GoTT) began as a networking and unity building resource for organizers and artists within the electronic dance music culture. Six years later, GoTT has established itself as a meeting ground for artists, activists, organizers and visionaries from across the progressive spectrum. Using a unique blend of interactive workshops, visual art displays and live performance, Gathering of the Tribes provides participants with a space for dialogue and expression, and the information and resources necessary for building progressive change.

2004 marked an important step in the evolution of GoTT, as we joined forces with Earthdance International to present our programming as part of their annual festival in Northern California. This allowed us to reach an even greater audience as the festival was attended by over 4,500 people. By reaching out to the Earthdance community, we were able to expand our network of artists, activists & visionaries and furthered our ultimate goal of fostering positive social change.