Gathering of the Tribes Events 2005

Be the change you want to see in the world” - M. Ghandi

Many of us in the electronic dance community have expressed a genuine desire to help change the world we inhabit for the better. As our movement evolves, so do our common goals. By exploring our past we can share our collective pool of knowledge - what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown - helping us to bring about effective and lasting change in our communities, and in our world at large.

We have several exciting programs in the works for 2005.


The Brane Village, Blackrock City, NV, BURNING MAN, August 29 th - September 5 th

For the second time, GoTT'sters at Burning Man can hook up with each other and discuss visions and plans for our growing nation of tribes. Last years' Burning Man GoTT circle discussion, which took place at the Brane Village, was a grand success! Over 100 underground artist-activists gathered in the largest and most diverse village in Blackrock to become acquainted and discuss the further building of our community. Many thanks to Sobey from Vancouver for organizing this talk last year and this, and we can't wait to see you all out there again this year!

Earthdance Hub Event: Northern California September 16th-18th
The global dance and music festival for peace Uniting 150 cities in over 50 countries

Yes, it is true! GoTT is partnering with Earthdance again in 2005. We will be hosting the GoTT Speaker's Forum in the Taj Mahal dome at Earthdance. Last year was a humongous success, the festival was great and we all had a splendid time exchanging info, networking, and praying for peace inside the world's largest ever drum circle(on record anyway). See Earthdance 2004 for a full recap!

There are many factors making Earthdance a significant festival, remarked upon as the Dance Aid of the new millennium. One is that Earthdance promoters give at least 50% of their profits to a charities specifically addressing peace, relief efforts, environment and the youth of the world. The focal point of every Earthdance event is the Prayer for Peace synchronized around the world. Check out for more detailed information on the organization and events or how to join with them.

GoTT will be presenting three days of daytime programming including workshops, panels, presentations, movement, ritual and music. On Friday we will hold space with non-profits in residence at ED's Activist Alley to brainstorm for more coherent and successful endeavors. Saturday will shift us into action mode with our Artivism Panel, Art in Action, Action as Art: Activation for Social Change <url for the quoted region>shedding light on how the world responds to applied creativity and how we can affect change individually and collectively. For caps on Sunday we get to the heart of what we really want: more Parties! Celebration of life and community while organizing our vision of tomorrow: Splendid! The Future of Festivals Panel has run strong now for three years and continues to help us navigate the often surprising terrain ahead with light hearts, thoughtful practice and joyous togetherness.

More information will be posted as it develops. Tickets are available at:

2400 main St. #1 Santa Monica CA 90405


Electric Grasshopper
3515 Sunset Blvd. Silverlake CA 90026

And coming soon...
"Framing Information: Media, Spin, and Alternative Cultures."

A day long event with panels, workshops, screenings, and live performances featuring Media Darlings, Culture Sculpters, Dialogue Setters, and your favorite subversive icons... Are you out of the Box? Under the Radar? Do you feel (mis)represented? How does the Media perceive you? Stay tuned to for further information about this event.